Col. Isaac W. Smith Camp #458
Sons of Confederate Veterans
In addition to the multitudes of documents and records that have been compiled along the way, Camp 458 has acquired a great many artifacts and mementos since its inception in January of 2003.  These artifacts and items include gifts from other Camps or organizations, awards for Camp members, donations from compatriots, souvenirs from Reunions, and keepsakes from Camp events and functions.  These heirlooms are routinely kept in different member's homes or offices, only brought out on special occasions, if at all.  This online archive will showcase these important items so they can be viewed and appreciated by all Camp members, as well as visitors.

Below are different slideshows grouped into sets of particular items. Push the big play button to view each slideshow, and then you can place the cursor over the photo to bring up an options menu. The menu enables you to pause the slides, go back, go forward, go to the slide's album to magnify the image, or even leave comments.