Heritage Defense
Col. Isaac W. Smith Camp #458
Sons of Confederate Veterans
How to Report a Heritage Violation

Any attack upon our Confederate Heritage, or the flags, monuments, and symbols which represent it, can be termed a Heritage Violation. If you become aware of a heritage violation, what do you do? How is the best way to respond?

It is most important that you act promptly. The more time which passes between a heritage violation and any SCV response, the less likely we are to be successful in correcting the situation. Report the heritage violation just as soon as you can.

Whom do you report it to? Your first contact should be your Camp Commander or Heritage Officer. They should in turn report the heritage violation to the Heritage Chairman in your Brigade. The Brigade Heritage Chairman should then contact his Brigade Commander and the Division Heritage Chairman. Heritage violation responses are best handled at the local level, in cooperation with Brigade and Division level officers. A plan of action to deal with the heritage violation should be developed by these Brigade and Division officers, acting in concert with the local camp and member (or other person) that initially reported the violation.

The Division Heritage Chairman should report the violation to the Division Commander, and the SCV’s Chief of Heritage Defense. The Chief of Heritage Defense can call upon the national organization to respond to the violation, if such action is required. The Chief of Heritage Defense is assisted by a members of a Heritage Defense Committee, appointed by the Commander-in-Chief.

For the Chief of Heritage Defense to have a heritage situation officially deemed as a violation by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, he must have consent from the Commander-in-Chief and such other members of the General Executive Council as the Commander-in-Chief may designate, as well as a consensus of the Heritage Defense Committee.

When appropriate, the Chief of Heritage Defense will include details of the heritage violation in his report, which is published in each issue of Confederate Veteran. Pre-addressed Heritage Alert cards may also be included in the Confederate Veteran to facilitate direct contact with the offending party by the membership at large.

Any disrespect shown to our Confederate Heritage should be considered as serious. SCV members are reminded, however, to remain calm and to respond in a manner befitting the dignity of the heritage we seek to preserve. Those persons or groups who cause a heritage violation often do so in a manner deliberately intended to provoke us into intemperate response. Do not play into their hands by over-reacting. We should always handle ourselves as the responsible Southern gentlemen that we are.

Again, heritage violations are best handled on the local level. However, be assured that the SCV on a national level will respond promptly, aggressively, and effectively when the situation requires it.